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My name is Aileen Tran and I was born in Portland, Oregon. I studied Product Design at the University of Oregon, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018. 


Growing up I found that the only things I owned came from thrift stores, garage sales, and free piles. I had a bad habit of taking things home that I didn't need. Sometimes it was because an object made me laugh, sometimes I thought I needed it, and sometimes I took things just because they were free. As I got older I continued to have a hard time getting rid of my stuff. I couldn't figure out why I had such an attachment to these objects. I later realized that they were so sentimental to me, because each piece held stories. These stories were memories of where I found them, the times in my life I used them, as well as the curiosity I had of who owned it before me, and the kind of life that person might have lived.


I create because I want to give that feeling to other people through design, I want to tell stories through products.


I believe good design should be accessible to all people, and that all people should be represented in design. What I want to do is bring quality of life through interaction with products, and a lot of what inspires my work is to create in a way that celebrates unique people.



Feel free to reach out for collaborations, work opportunities, or to chat!

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